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Don't Cut Connors, Don't be in a hurry


Safety PDF's  Page

Ladder Safety Tips


Confined Space

Near Hit is recognized to have occurred.




General Safety Rules

Inspector Safety Points



1 - Confined Space Accident



2 - Aggregate Training for the Safety Impaired


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3 - big money




4 -
 Roof and Rib Control in Underground Coal Mine


5 - Sunshine video:  Sunshine mine disaster video




 A -  Supervisor regulations. 

B - Search Page

C -Mine info safety

D - Gold Mines and Their History 

E - MSHA Underground Regulations;

F - Explosives

G - MSHA Underground Regulations;

H - Pays Big Money by Garth Brooks.

I - Explosives Underground -- Handling Explosives in Modern Mines

J -

3. Miners UG Visibility

4. The Tucker project

5. Rock Along to get along   Pioneer Joy mining machines



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Must Watch this Ladder Accident
Real Short
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